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Polar Week March 2021

It is Polar Week from 14-20 March! We want to use this week to increase awareness of the Cold Regions of the world: their people, wildlife, cultural heritage, science, and nature, as well as all the threats they are facing, primarily due to climate change.

On Thursday, March 18, at 5:30 pm (CET), we host a Polar fieldwork event, welcoming fellow researchers and interested students alike. Joined by a group of early-career polar scientists, you’ll get insights into various fieldwork campaigns and have a casual chat about your questions and other curiosities.

What is the value of undertaking fieldwork?

How to prepare when going to the polar regions?

How can I create fieldwork opportunities for myself?

Please register beforehand so that you can get access to the zoom session.

Do you wonder why APECS has chosen particularly this week as Polar Week?

On Saturday, March 20, is the March equinox. This means …

… day and night have everywhere on the world (almost) the same length. This connection between the poles and the lower latitudes is the reason why we celebrate APECS International Polar Week.

… the astronomical spring starts in the Northern Hemisphere. Did you already discover some spring messengers? Please have a look at the image above for some forst flowers.

… at the North pole, the sun appears at the horizon and stays until September. At the South pole, it sets for the next 6 months.

… it is an important holiday in many cultures. For example, it marks the new year in the Persian calendars.

Do you want to join more Polar Week Activities? Have a look at the APECS International program.

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