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Fieldwork Opportunities

last edited: November 3, 2023

Below you can find a list of fieldwork opportunities that we collected for students and PhD candidates for a webinar in March 2021.

Do you have more resources that you would like to share with your fellow students? Contact us and we will update this list!

University excursions

Study programs in Geology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography and others may offer a wide range of excursions and field trips to gain practical knowledge and experiences in the field.

💡 Click yourself through the webpages of the universities to see whether excursions are an integral part of your desired degree program.

Fieldwork during your PhD project

Finding a PhD project can be hard and one which may involve taking part in an expedition even harder. Of course, having fieldwork in your PhD should not be the only reason to choose it in the first place, but knowing where to look for these opportunities is key. Institutions that have a long history or known involvements in fieldwork projects could be here your first address.

In Germany that might be:


Summer schools

During a semester abroad, in your semester break or during your PhD – there are some polar/ice related summer schools out there to network, learn and be out in the field with fellow students or colleagues.

💡 Some courses are for PhD students only and others may have only run for some years

Check also the overview on the UArctic webpage!

A note on equipment

Polar fieldwork normally requires special equipment starting with warm clothes or good and sturdy boots. For these, own funds may be needed. But: do also make sure to ask your project or student organizations. Most often they have or know places to borrow needed clothing.

... and as always: Stay informed!

For what is granted, you have to create fieldwork opportunities yourself, get informed and stay connected. For this, mailinglists and young researcher networks, such as APECS Germany, are a good place to not miss any project proposals, advertisments, PhD offers etc.


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