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Queer in Polar Science

last edited: November 3, 2023

Here we list all resources collected for and during our Let’s talk Pride seminar in May 2023. Most of these resources were shared during the seminar – if you have additions to the list feel free to contact us and we will list them below.

You can also find additional polar or academia-related EDI resources on the APECS International website.

Queer networks and groups


Other literature / blogposts / etc.

  • EGU Webinar “How to build an LGBT+ network in geoscience” with EGU Pride
  • Blogpost “Supporting our Trans and Gender Diverse Colleagues” written by Dani Jones, Britisch Antarctic Survey, March 2023
  • Report: “Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ physical scientists”, Institute of Physics, Royal Astronomical Society and Royal Society of Chemistry (2019), PDF
  • “Inclusive author name-change policy” by EGU and Copernicus (Policy) published with the Announcement in June 2022.
  • Nature editorial “Science benefits from diversity”, Nature 558, 5 (2018).