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How to become a member of APECS?

When you are new to a field, it is sometimes hard to find the “entrance”. At APECS Germany, we would like to help you by offering you opportunities to get to know peers, to develop your skills in workshops, and show your particular talents in fun competitions. Have a look around on our website where we document our events. 

If you want to make sure you are not missing our events, become a member of APECS (for free) by signing up and we will keep you up-to-date on our activities. Select “Germany” as your country while signing up at

You have ideas and want to be an active part of APECS Germany? We invite you to participate!

An even more diverse group of active members will make this network even more exciting.

Help to produce new ideas, share your experience and knowledge among other young polar researchers and profit from new connections in the German polar research community. Ultimately, the productivity, outcome and success of APECS Germany will rely on the activity and commitment of its active members. We are open for anybody, you don’t have to live in Germany or affiliate with a German institute.


Are you an undergraduate or graduate student and are you interested in sharing your ideas, meeting other researchers and develop new research directions and collaborations?


Are you a postdoctoral researcher or facutly member and would you like to share your knowledge? Do you want to help young career scientists by giving away some tips and tricks?


Do you have an idea for an event or would you like to organise one at your instution? Or are you a teacher who would like to know how you could invite a German scientist to go to your school? Would you like to collaborate with us?

Interested in becoming a APECS Germany board member? Consider joining one of our board meetings and contact us!