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Let’s Talk Polar Policy and Governance

In April, we talk about all things polar governance. How do polar scientists contribute to decision making and policy? In a world full of acronyms, it’s easy to lose track of who does what. What Commission is responsible for designating Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica? Which organisation brings decision makers from Arctic countries together? And how does one even begin to get involved in these?

We present you with not one but three events in the Let’s Talk Series designed to give you a crash-course overview of this topic as well as the opportunity to talk to some expert directly. Many of our panellists are working at the highest levels of the science-policy interface, this gives you a unique opportunity to speak directly with them. You can attend as many or few of the events as you like, all times are in CEST (Berlin time).

23th of April – Mini Lecture on Arctic Governance (18:00, UTC+2) approx. 1h
(What is the Arctic Council? Which nations work together on Arctic issues? What are some of the current issues? How are scientists involved in Arctic decision making?)
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25th of April – Mini Lecture on Antarctic Governance (18:30, UTC+2) approx. 1h
(What is the Antarctic Treaty? What does CCAMLR do? Which are the nations active in Antarctica, and what about NGOs? What are SCAR and ASOC?)
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30th of AprilLet’s Talk Polar Policy and Governance (18:00, UTC+2) approx. 1.5h
(A panel of Arctic and Antarctic experts discuss their own experiences working at the interface of science and policy. They are also there to answer any questions you might have!)
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Note: Our “Let’s Talk!” seminars cover personal subjects and experiences of our panellists and other participants. We therefore ask everyone to be respectful and will enforce boundaries if need be. The seminar will not be recorded.

The seminars will be held in English.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to APECS Germany if you have questions about this event or trouble registering!