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Check out our new collection of funding options!

A lot of things in life need money and so do conference participations, fieldwork campaigns, PhD projects or permanent research positions. As Early Career Researchers will most certainly face the situation in which they have to start looking for funding, we thought of providing such a starting point for you on our website!

On you can find an incomplete (!) list of scholarships, grants, and other opportunities to seek funding in Germany and abroad.

We know there are a few more websites out there that try to bundle this information – but we hope this more Germany centric overview can be useful for some of you!

Spoiler: It is a random list for different stages of your academic career for different projects and we know there is a bias as we don’t cover all regions of the world. The list evolved from attending a workshop on Funding Options at EGU2022 and got extended by our board members.

Most items are on the list from people talking about their own experiences – but if you have any good links for the list, please let us know with a short mail to !