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APECS Germany 2020 review and wishes for 2021

Dear APECS Germany community,

We will probably not forget 2020 so easily. That also applies to us – thanks to all of you who supported our Cold Regions-Cool Facts contest. With your help, we put together an awesome and inspiring collection of cool science communication. Did you pick your favorite one? Have a look here to see all entries. Even though we could not meet you at conferences and workshops this year, we were very happy to get to know more of you during our three online get-togethers, a format that we would like to continue. For a short overview of the APECS Germany 2020 activities have a look at our timeline.

We are looking forward to a new, exciting year full of early-career polar activities in 2021 – hopefully also with you! We hope you all enjoy the upcoming festive season and enjoy a well-deserved break,

With warm wishes

the Board of APECS Germany

Luisa von Albedyll (Chair, AWI Bremerhaven)

Johanna Grabow (co-Chair, SCAR Cambridge)

Alexandra Zuhr (co-Chair, AWI Potsdam)

Marek Muchow (co-Chair, U Hamburg)

Tim Carlsen (U Oslo)

Sören Brandt (U Kiel)

Andreas Preußer (U Trier)

Charlotte Haugk (AWI Potsdam)

Cynthia Sassenroth (Saint Petersburg State University)

Donovan Dennis (GFZ Potsdam)

Elisa Katharina Peter (GFZ Potsdam)

Erik Loebel (TU Dresden)

Liv Heinecke (AWI Potsdam)

Loeka Jongejans (AWI Potsdam)

Nina Döring (IASS Potsdam)

Stefanie Arndt (AWI Bremerhaven)

Thomas Ronge (AWI Bremerhaven)

Heike Link (Ex-Officio, U Rostock)

Josefine Lenz (Ex-Officio, AWI & APECS)