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Meet the new APECS Germany Chair Team – 2024/2025

The new APECS Germany Chair Team has been elected during May and we are excited to share the results with you!

Please welcome our chair Alexandra Zuhr, who will be chair for another term, and Lena Nicola and Lukas Monrad-Krohn, who will work as co-chairs. The new APECS Germany Leadership Team has taken over from 1st June 2024.

The work of APECS Germany would not be possible without our board members! We are excited about every new board member, who joined throughout the last term! Thanks to also all APECS Germany board members, who left during the 2023-2024 period for their engagement. We thank Erik Loebel and Marek Muchow for all their work and contribution as co-chairs during the last year!

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming year and are excited to see what APECS Germany has in store for us! You can follow along on Instagram, Twitter/XMastodon and by reading our newsletter. If you are interested in a collaboration or want to get involved, do not hesitate to reach out to us!